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iPhone / iPad Spy Software – Jailbreak

iphone ios 9 spy software

iPhone / iPad Spy Software – Jailbreak

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Order the Spy Software App for iPhone / iPad. Installation requires a Jailbreak and is done within 2 minutes. You can hide the fact that the device has a Jailbreak and Spy App.

Product Description


spy on calls recording

Call Recording

The spy software is able to record all the incoming and outgoing conversations, this includes calls  made by phone but also WhatsApp – Skype – Viber etc. One gets to know who is calling and being called out without the target’s notice, all the call recordings are uploaded with the caller’s phone number, call duration, date and time and the name assigned to the number if it’s saved in the phone address book.

spy on whatsapp and chats

WhatsApp & Co

The spy software is able to capture the chats from SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, Facebook and many more. In your customer area you will find all the chats grouped including the history. It’s easy for you to read the whole chats. Now that most chats are using encryption nowadays, but also this is no problem for our powerful spy software. You still will get all the chats.

gps tracking spy

GPS & Co

Set the GPS interval und you will receive exact GPS locations of the target phone. Also it will capture all WiFi locations where the target logs into. GPS tracking is also captured on each call, message (SMS & Chat) & Media (Foto & Video) so that you always know where a certan picture is taken for example. The GPS interval is remotely changable. In addition GPS offers you to set a GPS Leash (Fence) for even more control.

iphone ios 9 spy software


Our Spy Software for iPhone requires a Jailbreak is compatible with all types of iPhones and iPads that is running an iOS Version of 9.3.5 or lower. Here you can read how to Jailbreak your device.


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