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What if Kingoroot doesn’t work?

If KingoRoot is not working for your device there are four more options you can use to get our Spy Software on your Target Phone:

  1. You can visit the XDA Developers and see if you can find a thread how to do it
  2. You can use our Installation service (+ 5,000Ksh)
  3. You can use our Non Root Software
  4. You buy a pre-installed Spy Phone


xda developers android root

1. XDA Developers

Go to there website and typ in your target device in the search box at the top of the website. You will find manuals how to root your Android device to have the full benefit of our Spy Software for Android on all OS systems higher then 3.0. Alternatively you also can search in YouTube, many video’s are to be found there.

2. Installation Service

In Nairobi we offer you our installation service. We set up a meeting with you where one of our technicians will do the rooting and installation of our spy software at your location. He than also will give you a full demo how everything works. This whole process will take up to 2 hours and the cost is very afordable, only 5,000Ksh for Rooting & Installation.

3. Non Root Spy Software

Nowadays the Android Operating System is developing very rapidly and that is good for our Spy Software, more and more features are becoming available now without the need of a Root. For example if the folowing features are sufficient for you:

  • Call Logs & Call Recording
  • WhatsApp Chat & Co
  • SMS
  • GPS Tracking
  • Contacts

then is our Non Root Spy Software for Android just what you need without the hustle of ‘hacking’ the phone.

4. Pre Installed Spy Phone

For the easiest way we offer you a selection of pre installed spy phones. An all ready ‘Out of the Box’ solution. We take care of the rooting of the device and box it as new again. Once the target starts the phone for the first time it will look as if the phone just came out of the store. Pre Installed Spy Phones are available at a starting price as low as 39,500Ksh, this includes a full year license of our powerful spy software.



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